Kendall Jenner blasted for wearing a FAKE designer bag!

Kendall, Kendall, Kendall…. where do we even begin. You need to take a seat in a corner far far away if this is true. KJ has got all the money, power and fame in the world yet the idiot managed to go out in public carrying a fake designer bag. Wow. & we thought the Kardashian/Jenner clan couldn’t get any dumber.


Let’s take a trip down memory lane with a history lesson from

‘The French Company’ a US based luggage manufacturer legally manufactured bags using the Louis Vuitton name through a licensing deal from the mid-1970’s to the early 1990’s. Yeah, what? I don’t know. So you’re telling me someone other than LV produced LV bags, used the same logo’s and shapes? Yep. Yep. You’ve read that right. Essentially,  The French Company was given permission from LV to use its logos, signature shapes and name in exchange for a fee.


So you’re probably asking why. Me too. Apparently, these bags were only sold in high-end stores in the US because there was a growing demand for luxury goods in the states which “Louis Vuitton’s European factories couldn’t keep up with. The French Company used their own leathers and materials, though, which is why bags made by the brand may look fake when compared to vintage pieces manufactured by Louis Vuitton during the same era: the colors, hardware, labels and linings are indeed a bit different.”

So can Kendall’s bag be one of those bags? mmmm… probably not. According to The Purse Blog “the existence of the old The French Company bags makes it a little tricky to tell unless you look closely, though, because some of its designs included exterior oval patches made of leather that could be hot stamped with letters for personalization after purchase. The tags on the authentic bags are blank, but some counterfeiters have added similar patches to fake bags with Louis Vuitton’s logo or brand name already stamped on them, essentially creating fake versions of the licensed French Company bags. If you see a bag with an oval leather exterior tag and any branding stamped in it, that’s a dead giveaway the bag is fake. Kendall’s fanny pack is stamped, so it’s fake.”


So… yeah. Kendall Jenner wore a fake but why isn’t anyone saying anything? Why didn’t anyone release a statement? Just because she’s powerful? Instagram users questioned whether she wore the bag because she doesn’t like the brand or whether it’s the new trend. LOL. Another user confirmed that the bag is fake by going into LV to reserve the “bumbag” but was told the model is fake and does not exist.

The question that remains unanswered is whether she knew the bag was fake. Could it be because she has a new stylist after firing the Kardashian/Jenner clan fired their long-time stylist Monica Rose? Mmm, I do not think.. I’d like to think the Kardashian/Jenner clan know who to hire especially when its about fashion.

They’ve built a multimillion empire based on their looks.


The Purse Blog claim that KJ and her stylist may have known or suspected the bag was fake but did not mind because they thought it looked cool and they could get away with it. As bad as this sounds, the fact of the matter is that streetwear’s influence on fashion in recent seasons has shifted some influencers’ attitude toward fakes. So influencers tend to wear ‘in your face’ fake designer items because it’s cool and edgy. So before you spend a couple of thousands on your next designer purchase, you may have to think twice. Lols.


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