Update – where have I been?!


how are you?

I’m embarrassed.. I’m not entirely sure how to start this or what to say. I know I’ve been gone for quite some time [I stopped counting] but as always, I’ve got an excuse… this may be a valid one though…. erm… I’ve graduated? Yeah, that happened, so as one would expect, I’ve been quite busy.

From studying for exams which ended at the end of May to travelling to see friends in Toronto & New York to meeting my parents in Brussels & Prague to finally returning back to England for my graduation, my summer has been jam packed! Although my summer’s been great [s/o to my best friends for showing me the best time in Toronto & NYC], I’m so happy to be back home. It’s time to get my shit, I mean life back together.

As an absolute foodie [no shame, plug: follow @sa7tain on instagram] eating out for the past 2 months has been a dream, BUT, it actually became quite disgusting at the end – I just wanted a home cooked meal, like a clean meal [do you get me?], I just wanted to go to the gym, work out, have time to myself, but nah my summer had other plans. Thankfully, I’m back to my normal routine, I now have time to sit still, plan new blog posts & plan my future accordingly.

Do not even ask me what I’ve got planned for my future ’cause I do not know. I may be moving to London to do my LPC [legal practice course] & also do a masters in business & management alongside it? Yeah doing 2 degrees in a year simultaneously does not sound fun… I know, I’m going to die, I know. But who knows what the future holds, I may do that, I may do something else.. only time will tell.

Now that I’ve given you a little update about my sudden disappearance from my little child, my blog, I promise I won’t ever leave you again. See you in a new fashion related blog post later this week. Much love and thank you for keeping my blog alive!!


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Till next time,










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