Dior Homme Pre-Fall 2017

Kris Van Assche just presented the new Dior Homme Pre-Fall collection for 2017 at the Dior Ginza Six store. The collection’s theme revolved around a ‘NEWWAVE’ message. This made me question whether this was KVA’s version of Maria Grazia Chiuri’s DIO(R)EVOLUTION. It makes sense, doesn’t it? New wave & a new Dior revolution go hand in hand… if you don’t know what I’m talking about, why are you even here. jk – not really.

The collection also included an assortment of dress pants, shirts, suit jackets, outerwear, bags and footwear, which you can see below. What do I think of this collection? I’m not sure… I think I like it. It’s growing on me the more I look at it.

Don’t you just love how designers are now exposing us to so much branding? From Balmain & Versace to the Dio(R)evolution tees to this: the Christian Dior NEW WAVE, a randomer walking down the streets will definitely know who you’re wearing lols. At least you know you’re money is going towards the branding… I think….


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