#FFWD: Fashion Forward Dubai 2017

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I feel like I always start my blog posts with “sorry I’ve been away for a long time, I’ve just been busy” or give some stupid excuse, but…. errrrrr, it’s true! HELLO, I’m studying law! Anyway, let’s get to the point of this blog today: Fashion Forward Dubai 2017. I asked one of my favourite accounts on instagram, which happens to also be one of my most stylish of friends, Sanad, if he would be willing to review some of the shows he attended at FFWD. Sanad got the chance to see the shows at FFWD in person so he’s got a pretty good perspective on the good, the bad and those who aren’t worth mentioning lols. From Hussein Bazaza to Kristina Fidelskaya, Sanad walks us through his favourite shows at FFWD this year. To see more of FFWD, make sure you follow Sanad on instagram, all the links will be down below!

Hope you enjoy!

Hussein Bazaza

Definitely one of my favorite shows at Fashion Forward Dubai season 9! Inspired by Akane, a Japanese girl who survived the nuclear bombs and war, Bazaza painted his creations in red – the color of the blood of Akane’s murdered family. Bazaza presented his very feminine collection inspired by a strong woman; the cuts, materials and colors used where beyond words and breathtaking … art pieces in the form of dresses! Bazaza never fails to impress every season.


Michael 5inco

Michael Cinco, a Dubai based Couture designer; known for his creativity and over the top designs. This Season at Fashion Forward Dubai season 9, Cinco presented his Versailles inspired collection, truly a dreamy, elegant and over the top collection. All I can say about his show other than the great detail work and amazing embroideries … VOLUME, the bigger the dress is the better is it! A true Versailles sparkling dream!


Abed Mahfouz

It’s safe to stay Mahfouz’s collection this season was the grandest of them all. As always, Mahfouz kept his elegant touch with the wow factors that Arab designers usually have. The collection was filled with beautiful pastel colors, and easy to wear lightweight materials.

Mahfouz presented a modern elegant Arab woman this year who is not afraid to show some skin!


Kristina Fidelskaya

A luxury and contemporary fashion brand based in Dubai. Fidelskaya show could most probably be defined as CLEAN! I can’t stress about how amazing the collection was! Feminine, contemporary and embodied a modern strong working woman who isn’t afraid to be edgy. I would describe it as office chic woman warrior!


Sanad’s pictures:

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Please note that the opinions above are not my own.

Sanad’s instagram: @sanadalsayegh


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