Balenciaga, you messed up, BIG TIME!

I have been contemplating about writing this post for quite sometime now. I’ve promised myself to never ever filter any of my thoughts for the sake of pleasing those who always want to listen and read to what is politically correct. If you are easily offended this blog is definitely not for you.

Many in personal life know me as someone who is unfiltered, truthful & real. If you ask me what I think of your outfit & I happen to think it’s awful then I’m going to tell you it’s fucking awful. Why would I lie? Don’t ask me for my opinion if you just want to hear what you want to hear. Does that make sense? If you wanted an opinion that told you what you wanted to hear, look in the mirror!

I’m saying this because a lot of people in the fashion world tend to lie, lie, lie. They’re scared of losing their front row seat at a fashion show because they have been extra critical of a certain designer. Babe, let’s not forget what your job is. It’s not to please designers, it is to please the audience that got you your seat at this fashion show. It is your responsibility as a fashion critic, editor or whatever your position may be to be truthful to your audience. Your audience doesn’t want to read a long article of you beating around the bush, neither stating whether the show was good or not. They want you to get to the point. They want to hear and read if you thought the show was good or bad. Writers now tend to to sugar coat their thoughts with flowery statements of utter bullshit. Point is: don’t be afraid to be critical. It is your job to be critical! Designers have got to understand that sometimes they either hit the mark or miss it completely. They also need to understand that some may absolutely love their work while others may hate it. We’re people, we’re different, we’ve got different tastes, opinions and thoughts. If we were all the same, life would be boring.

Anyway, I say that all to say, Balenciaga’s collection that was inspired by Bernie Sanders does not make sense AT ALL! Let’s get into it…

Balenciaga’s Demna Gvasalia decided to take the political conversation to the runway with a collection inspired by Bernie Sanders. The Fall 2017 menswear collection hit the runway & featured gear inspired by Sanders’s campaign logo, with pieces featuring a similar font and red and white curved lines. The collection which had “Balenciaga 2017” printed on included bomber jackets, hoodies, blanket scarfs and pins.

The lying online world commended Demna for making such a bold political statement considering designers have increasingly found it difficult to avoid politics, with some even refusing to dress the First Lady: Melania Trump. What everyone failed to comment on is the fact that it was the WRONG political statement LOL! 

Did Balenciaga do their research on Bernie, his policies and what he stands for before actually sending this collection down the runway? Or did they just jump at the opportunity to capitalise on Bernie’s popularity among millennial’s across the world? I think it is the latter.

So let’s take a closer look at what Bernie believes in/ stands for and compare it to Balenciaga’s ‘Bernie inspired merch’ ….  yes, I’m calling it merch, ’cause this isn’t fashion.

Sen. Sanders believes we must take bold action to put the economy back on track, and to address the obscene levels of wealth and income inequality in our country.

The quote above, which has been taken directly from Bernie’s website is why I find this Balenciaga collection funny. Let’s face it, Balenciaga is not for the middle class and it is definitely not for the lower class. No middle class would go out and buy a Balenciaga jacket that’s going to cost him or her over USD$ 1000 when millions of Americans are working longer hours for lower wages. According to Bernie’s website, the real median income of male workers is $783 less than it was 42 years ago, while for women workers it is $1,300 less than it was just nine years ago.  There are more Americans living in poverty today than at any time in our history, and the middle class is slowly disappearing. So… let me ask this question again… how the fuck does this collection make any sense? Using Bernie’s logo, a man that supports the middle and lower class as an inspiration for clothes which can only be bought/ afforded by the higher/upper class is absolutely ridiculous. It is kind of insulting.

Did I just say insulting? YES! Why? Because, Bernie, a man who the middle and lower class look up to is being used as a marketing tool for some brand across the world to capitalise on. It is just NOT right. These pins, scarfs, jackets are not going to be sold for a couple of dollars, they are going to be sold for thousands, these are thousands of dollars which the average American does NOT even have! According to Bernie’s website an average American has less than $10,000 in savings!

While your average Bernie supporter may not quite literally go out and buy any of these Bernie inspired clothes, it does not take away from the fact that it is still insulting. Insulting because this is the same man who advocates for the complete opposite of what Baleniciaga and those who can afford it stand for: the obscene levels of wealth which only a few get to enjoy.

I say this to say, Balenciaga you messed up. Big time.


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