Paris Fashion Week in pictures!

Hey there hey,

Yes, yes, yes, I know. This is long overdue but in my defence, I have been keeping The Saifest Bet’s Instagram page up-to-date with all the fashion week shows in NYC, London, Milan & Paris. So, I mean, if you’re not following me there then I guess it’s your loss? jk, not really… Anyway, let’s jump into the topic of discussion: Paris Fashion Week, my favourite fashion week out of all! I’ve attempted to include all my favourite shows in this blog post and you’re in for a big treat (is it a big treat tho?) ’cause the list is long! From Anthony Vaccarello’s stunning Saint Laurent show, to Givenchy dipping our favourite Riccardo Tisci looks in red, this fashion seasons was everything I expected and more! Before you scroll through the pictures of my favourite shows, I’ve got to ask one question… why is Off-white is a thing & Mugler is not? Shouldn’t it be the opposite? Lols… no shade, but Off-white, much like Vetements should have several seats.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the shows I picked out! Let me know what your favourite shows were!



Sonia Rykiel

Giambattista Valli





Miu Miu

Alexander McQueen


Saint Laurent



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