Fashion cat fight: Nicki Minaj v Giuseppe Zanotti


We all love a good ol’ shady social media fight, am I right or am I not wrong? Well, I’ve a got a good one to write about today. You may have already heard about it as it was all over Twitter & Instagram last week, but knowing me, I wanted to put my 2 cents on the whole situation, so let’s get into it!

Giuseppe, what’s good? Nicki Minaj took social media late last week and put Giuseppe Zanotti on blast. Word around town is that his team have allegedly declined her call despite previously using her name on a sneaker collection, which Nicki claims to have been inspired by her. “Just go on google, you’ll see all the different pairs he’s named after me” she says.

Nicki met the designer years ago, and wore the shoes on the cover of Cosmo magazine. She  is errrrr- let’s just say an ‘ex-fan???’ having previously given the designer a shoutout in “Monster” a song she was featured on with Kanye West in 2010.

The rapper said Zanotti recently worked with other artists on capsule collections ranging from Zayn Malik to Jennifer Lopez; however, when Nicki’s team reached out to the designer to possibly work on a collection together, they were told “they’re not taking our call.”


“Lil black girl can inspire u but ain’t worth a collection,” she tweeted, pointing out the possibility that this issue may be about race. “#RunMeMyCHECK #GiuseppeWhatsGood I got time today. 😊 barbz trend this cuz he gon learn today. The racism & disrespect won’t b tolerated,” she continued.

Nicki believes that the designer is refusing to collaborate with her because she’s black, highlighting the ever-growing problem in the fashion world. It’s not the first time and sure as hell won’t be the last that we hear of racism in the fashion industry. As unfortunate as this may sound, it is a fact that the fashion industry tends to neglect, undermine and under-represent people of colour. Why? Because they’re racist! However, is this bitter-battle between Minaj and Zannoti an issue of race? Probably… or probably not considering Zayn Malik, Jannifer Lopez & Kanye West are not white, but rather people of colour; Pakistani, a Latina & African-American, respectively. One thing is for sure; it is disrespectful!

It is worth highlighting that Minaj is not concerned about money, but would simply like Zanotti to show her some respect. “Don’t care about the money. It’s just the disrespect,” she wrote. “You’re not taking MY call? Lol. Give some money to charity in my name or smthn.”

As of press time, Zanotti has not made a statement, but according to Nicki, Giuseppe Zanotti had removed all shoes with her name from the company’s site. “Well that’s a start,” Minaj wrote. “Guess they taking calls now… 😊🎀”

Wellllllllll….. considering Zanotti have removed all the Nicki shoes is a clear indication that the shoes may have actually been inspired by the rapper. So as any sane person would ask; why the fuck haven’t they paid her for using her name?! They kind of indirectly admitted that what she said may be true by removing the shoes and refusing to comment…. Oh well…. Nick, TAKE HIM TO COURT!

Will keep you posted, once again though: Giuseppe what’s good?!


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