Louis Vuitton x Supreme

Ay yay yay, where and how do I even begin…

Kim Jones just integrated one of the world’s greatest? street brands and one of the biggest luxury houses out there. Where and how did this come about? Well, on a recent trip to Beijing, Jones was fascinated by how younger and cooler the customers for Vuitton menswear have become. Okay… I thought we all knew that though? I mean…. COME ON Kimmy, we’re living in the competitive age of social media.

We’ve just seen Vêtements’ [justifiable?] collaboration with Eastpack, Juicy Coutoure, Canada Goose and more in 2016, BUT, let’s get one thing straight, Vêtements is no Louis Vuitton, so in their defense they could collab with cheap, I mean whatever brands, to cause a bit of chaos on social media.

The Vuitton x Supreme collab is nothing special… It is quite literally meaningless and overpriced fashion, much like the $600 Vêtements x Eastpack backpack or the $3000++ Vêtements x Canada Goose jacket. We’ll talk about this shit in another blog post later. Printing a Supreme logo on a Louis Vuitton bag and shirt shouldn’t excite you, in fact, it should insult you, because they think you’re that stupid to fall for their [if I’m honest: quite genius] marketing scam…

I was telling one of my friends that this is Louis Vuitton; this isn’t a newly established designer that needs to do something ridiculous to get a bit of exposure. THIS IS A WELL-ESTABLISHED, HIGH END BRAND [btw, yes I am shouting]. Who exactly are they trying to market this for? The millennial’s? What’s the link between those who buy Louis Vuitton and those who buy Supreme? Was it studied? I guess not… but will it sell? Absolutely. Why? We’re a generation that just follows ridiculous trends… we don’t think about what’s good or creative anymore, we just buy for the sake of buying because we think others will think we’re cool.

Let’s let my favorite fashion critic, Pam Boy give us a brief yet informative fashion history lesson, considering some of us so desperately need one… “Fashion collaborations used to unite people with definite artistic visions — think Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvador Dali, Yves Saint Laurent and Piet Mondrian, Marc Jacobs and Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton, and more recently the ongoing work of John Booth with Fendi — but today they can also be marketing stunts for brands to generate more profits punctually.”

Putting the Vuitton x Supreme aside, Kim Jones delivered a collection full of luxe garments that looked amazing! My favourite looks include the shearling coat laser-trimmed as well as the shearling-lined croc blouson. The collection had the style of the street and the dominant mood was much sportier, more casual than before. I wish Jones would have left it like that, without incorporating a much literal representation of the street: the mess that was Supreme… I mean, this is how you should appeal to a younger audience! Instead of cheapening the brand name because you want to appeal to a “younger and cooler” customer, incorporate the luxury that your label’s known for through creative ‘cool’ pieces.


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