Throwing Punk Fashion in the DUMP!

About three weeks ago I was at Barneys in Beverly Hills, with a friend. We walked around and shopped with our eyes, and as we went through the men’s section (because somehow they always have the best stuff) I noticed something. Well it wasn’t the first time I noticed it but the first time it actually bothered me, the whole floor was selling ripped up, plaid patterned flannels and pinned shirts and they were ridiculously  over priced!

Okay, lets ignore the prices for now but hmm. Where have I seen this stuff before? Obviously on Instagram, all over the streets, and on Justin Bieber & The West-Kardashian clan! But my biggest question was, what was up with the new trend and why did it seem so controversial? I’ll tell you why, because ‘Punk Fashion’ has suddenly become high-end street fashion.

As I walked out of Barneys half annoyed and half satisfied with the meal I just had at Fred’s, I decided to turn to my friend Google for some further investigation.

Knowing that the infamous Vivienne Westwood was part of the upbringing of ‘Punk Fashion’ in England, I wondered what she had to say. When I googled her name, this is what came up:


Clearly the Vivienne Westwood’s son had strong feelings regarding what we now see and call ‘Punk’, I do not blame the guy. I’m on his side. Soon after, a picture posted by DAZED Magazine popped up on my instagram feed, so I decided to screenshot it, repost it and have a mini rant because ‘Punk has become another marketing tool’. Saif saw my post, messaged me, and asked me if I was willing to share my thoughts on his blog.  So, this is how I ended up writing this.


Did he have the right to torch it? Hell yeah!

Today’s fashion is throwing ‘Punk’ to the dirt and that’s exactly why he was burning everything. ‘Punk’ has lost its meaning! Punk is about NON- CONFORMITY and rebelling. ‘PUNK’ IS ALSO ABOUT FIGHTING THE MARKET AND FIGHTING CONSUMERISM SO THE FACT THAT WE ARE BUYING THESE CLOTHES FROM HIGH END BRANDS IS JUST SO IRONIC.

Next time think twice before wearing a ‘Punk’ inspired ripped t-shirt or flannel. Just know that people were shamed, humiliated and made fun of for wearing what you’re taking for granted. Back then, rebelling and ripping up your t-shirt was like a sin!  However, we now market it, feed off it and actually praise it?! How is that PUNK? Oh the irony…

Don’t get me wrong, I do agree that this generation of youth is fighting for a lot of rights. In fact, we are shapeshifitng and changing in this ever-changing world of social media, but please let’s not tie it to ‘Punk’.

Let’s find a middle ground… How about we call this fashion “Governmental”, just like HBA (Hood By Air) does. It would kind of make more sense anyways.

So, would you like to see the culprit that stirred up all this passionate fire within me?


I am sorry Vetements, but I have to call you out for this annoying flannel.

Let’s take a closer look at the sleeve…


Do you see how CLEAN that cut is? Ummm.. How about try a little less?!

& if that was not enough, there is a ring hooked between the ripped sleeves [not clear in the image above]. Oh em gee, so ‘Punk’!!! But you know what I think the best part is? The fact it is being sold for $1,365!! Are you kidding me? A piece of advice, just go buy or thrift a pre-owned flannel for $20 dollars or less, cut the sleeves with a pair of scissors and run two safety pins down the sleeves. There you have it, the best ‘Punk’ DIY lesson you will ever get.


I agree with the statement DAZED magazine made “Punk has become another marketing tool”. Everyone is doing it, and what was once underground, exclusive, rebellious and a sign of freedom is now a uniform worn by conformists.

Don’t even get me started on wearing band t-shirts that you don’t even know. I mean, look at this Nirvana top they are selling at Barney’s and compare it to the price from Hot Topic on the right, it’s ridiculous. No, I’m not a fan of Hot Topic, I also think they are just as bad when it comes marketing and selling ‘Punk’ fashion… BUT, they’re not charging you $350,  at least the prices are reasonable? Here’s a thought… buy your band shirts at actual concerts that you attend?! Lol. I mean it would make more sense..


It’s funny because, people are probably dressing this way and then listening to Taylor Swift or Kanye West in their car. How about try going through the Sex Pistols full album without pausing or blocking your ears?

I don’t get it, why buy something that looks like it should be cut up? Why spend so much money when you could do it yourself? I mean its not that hard, I promise! Why do you think DIY is such a thing now, follow it! I mean, if you can’t get creative on your own, do you think you are really worthy of wearing something? When you create it is supposed to mean something – when you wear it, it is supposed to say something. Punk is saying hey, don’t look at, but notice that I am fighting for a cause. (Let’s just leave all this for another topic of conversation). Don’t be a sheep… that’s all I’ve got to say.

Instead of wasting $1,365 on a flannel, grab some of your own clothes and create something unique, or how about just don’t.

Let’s start a discussion, let us know what you think by commenting down below.

This blog post was written by Najwa Kaawach, and edited by myself. Go check out Najwa’s instagram blog ‘The Arab Debeauviors’ & show her some love by clicking ‘here‘. Najwa is an art & creative director, a conceptual artist, film director and stylist – based in L.A & KSA.


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