Stretch mark’s new solution: a tattoo!

Rodolpho Torres is the genius behind a new craze that’s been blowing up on instagram and across other social media platforms! He may not be well known across the globe, but his new craze has helped him scoop up a hefty 1.7 million followers on instagram. So what’s the craze you’re asking……. WAIT FOR IT…….. treating stretch marks on various parts of the body USING TATTOO ink!


I wanted to write this post today because I personally have suffered from insecurities like many others because of my stretch marks. I mean, you can never catch a break from your biggest critic: your insecurities. We’re always too hard on ourselves and we all know that. We all want to look ‘picture perfect’ and once we solve one problem, we find a way to find a new problem to focus on. I’ve always felt insecure because of my weight, so I tried to work on it in high school. & just like that, voila! I lost over 50 lbs in almost a year and a half. [let me know if you want to hear THAT story]. I know, crazy! Having lost an extraordinary amount of weight in such a short period of time, I began to realise that stretch marks started to develop/form.. After all, stretch marks develop when skin cells in the dermis are stretched at a rate quicker than normal. With my ‘initial’ insecurity gone, another one came to light.


Although my stretch marks were minor and barely even visible, I wasn’t a fan (obvs lols), so I tried everything from certified beauty products to even going as far as trying a device that stimulates and tightens skin to minimize the appearance of uneven skin tone and texture called ‘The Secret’. Meh…. I mean it helped but the results weren’t amazing. Deffo not worth the money, pain and time spent. YES, it was EXTREMELY painful.

So when I first came across this story, I was baffled. Torres’s technique ‘according to him’ is original. He strategically places ink along the contours of the mark to create an optical illusion that results in an even, smoothed-out skin surface. I ALWAYS wondered why a way to get rid of a stretch marks appearance through a simple skin-like tattoo wasn’t available to the masses?  I mean it seems like the best option.


What’s important to note here is that this technique will not get rid of your stretch marks. It’s just merely an optical illusion. I mean, after visiting several dermatologists, opinion was the same: stretch marks can never go away, because they are essentially dead skin that’s pretty much impossible to revive. This business field is really competitive and while I want to believe that a dermatoglist is saying the truth, I can’t help but feel they are lying to help boost their business and specifically the expensive machinery and tools they need to help ‘erase’ any stretch mark evidence. spoke to a dermatologist and asked what they thought of this new technique and the answer was the following: “It can work, but the thing is, what a stretch mark is, basically, is loss of skin,” says NYC-based dermatologist Dr. Doris Day. “The risk is, if [a tattoo] is done by someone who doesn’t understand how to [treat skin], you can end up with a scar, and a potentially worse problem, especially in an area that’s already thinner and missing some of the essential elements of skin.”

She then goes one to advise seeing a pro who can administer an FDA-approved method that is generally safer, more reliable, and scientifically tested. “This is a medical treatment that should be done by a dermatologist, she says. “It’s not a spa treatment, and it does carry risks, such as infection and scarring.” – Errrrrrrrr, Dr. Day, I think you’re lying. I do not believe you, considering I have tried pretty much everything out there… I feel like she’s just realised there’s a new business that may take over his… I mean there’s a risk with everything, am I right? If you undergo surgery, you may die.. That’s life… Lol that was a bit much, but you get my point…

Hope you enjoyed this xo

Till next time,


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