Moscow Fashion Week: meet Jean Rudoff!

If you’ve never heard of Jean Rudoff you’re probably not alone as he just debuted his first Ready-to-Wear Spring 2017 collection at Moscow Fashion week earlier this week. Well, well, well… let’s take this time today to get to discover the world of what I’m referring to as a fashion genius. His interest in high fashion, sculpture-like garments and unique take on the classic tee by literally flipping it upside- down has made him the talk of Moscow’s fashion week. So for that reason, I thought I would take the time to introduce you to Russia’s new urban IT label: Lumiér Garson By Jean Rudoff.

So what’s his background like? You’d be surprised to know that he only entered this turbulent fashion industry about 3 years ago. He started off with an online blog on street fashion to post all the pictures of well-dressed people that he’d capture in different cities. He got his ‘big break’ was when he got mentioned by a Russian magazine and was offered a job as a fashion editor there. He worked on styling photo shoots for a year and says that it is what inspired him the most to start his own line. He goes on to say, “when you work with clothes often, somehow questions like: “what clothes would I do if I were a designer?” come by themselves. And that’s how it went”.

Lol let’s hope my entry into the fashion world will be as smooth and as easy as his…. One can only dream right? Condé Nast if you’re reading this HIRE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The inspiration behind his line are his inner feelings and what he’s been through in each stage of his life. He says that his label, Lumiér Garson “embodies the Street soul and shows what’s happening right now, reflecting everything in its silhouettes. In my opinion, underground is not what we can see from season-to-season in couture shows, underground – is a choice of streets, it’s about vibes that you can feel. The main things that I’m trying to reach creating collections are wearability, quality and identity”

His clothes speak for themselves. Even though they may not be everyone’s cup of tea, you cannot deny the creativity behind each piece. Can you? No you can’t. The nylon jogger-pants that are attached on a trench coat, the upside-down jumper skirt (yeah you’ve read that right), the oversized one sleeved shirt, his double denim jeans and his upside-down t-shirt which you can buy exclusively here are just a few examples. The future is evidently very bright for this man, especially in our world today where people are hungry for unique pieces that make them stand out, hence the reason behind Vetements’ major success.

If you can’t get enough of him (like myself) make sure you follow him on instagram to stay up to date with everything he’s doing.

I’d love to know what you guys think of him, this blog post, my blog in general and pretty much everything else haha (be professional!!). So make sure you leave a comment down below so we can discuss it all! But for now, I bid farewell friends. Talk to you soon!

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Bye for reals now…



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