H&M x KENZO – the full look book


So the HM x KENZO collaboration look book is finally out!! This collaboration has sadly not enjoyed the hype other designers such as Alexander Wang, Versace and Balmain have enjoyed in their collaboration with H&M. I’m not sure why because I would have assumed that H&M would try to promote this collection far more than previous ones considering KENZO’s style does not really appeal to the masses.

Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Jourdan Dunn were the faces of H&M x Balmain last year and while they are nowhere to be found, Kenzo designers have attempted to enlist famous famous such as Chance the Rapper, Iman (her first debut since the passing of her husband David Bowie) and Suboi, to promote the collaboration, it has not really been that successful on social media. I guess people are fed up with the H&M collabs considering they’re kind of poorly made, over-priced for what they really are (you’re basically just paying for the name, they’re hard to get and are sold for quadruple the price on eBay hours after they’re released.

KENZO designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon played on what KENZO is known best for; the technicolor animal prints and statement pieces. The collection is not my favourite and I do not see how an everyday man or woman can fit any of these pieces into their wardrobe. Like the pieces may be visually beautiful and may photograph well, but I feel like they are only cool in editorials and not in real life. I’m quite disappointed. I’m not eager to go out of my way to get any of the pieces in this collection, I mean there are a few men jackets that are quite nice, but they are nothing special if I’m honest… oh well… I guess we’ll have to wait till next year…

P.S:  the price list has yet to be released.

The collaboration hits H&M stores and online on November 3.

See the full Kenzo x H&M collection below (click to enlarge the image):


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